E-poster Uploading Guideline

    1. E-poster uploading supports “JPG – PNG – BMP – GIF” formats. Other formats cannot be uploaded.
    2. Please prepare your poster using the template powerpoint file which can be downloaded by clicking on the “Sample File” (Blue Button) near “Upload E-Poster” button. Please do not change the template size.
    3. After saving your poster as ppt or pptx format, please convert file into JPG format from https://convertio.co/tr/ppt-jpg/ for free.
      Select your file by clicking on “From Computer” button.
      Convert it to JPG format by clicking on Convert button.
      Download the file you converted by clicking on Download button.
    4. In order to upload E-poster as jpg format, enter into the abstract system and click on “Upload E-Poster” (Green Button) in “My Abstract List” tab.
    5. Please select your E-poster. Selected file will be uploaded to the system automatically.
    6. If the upload is successful, you can see a preview of your E-poster by clicking on “Preview E-poster” button appearing under the E-poster button.
    7. To change your E-poster click on “Upload E-Poster” button again and choose your new E-poster.
    8. To delete an E-poster it is enough to click on “Delete” button.
    9. While previewing the uploaded E-Poster, you can zoom in and out by using the “mouse scroll” button or by double clicking.
    10. To exit preview, it is enough to click on “ESC” button or to swipe down or up by clicking on the image once and then holding it.
Note: It might be important that the texts to be used are not so small so that they can be read more easily during the presentation. It is recommended that the font to be used is at least 14 points.