Francois Meurice

François Meurice is representing GSK Vaccines in the areas of Scientific Affairs & Public Health towards external experts and bodies, such as the SAGE Advisors to WHO. His 25 year-experience in GSK encompasses Clinical Development including interactions with Regulatory Authorities, Project Management, Medical Affairs at Global and Regional levels, Medical Education and Grants Governance. Dr. Meurice is an MD specialized in Tropical Medicine and in Public Health. He has co-authored over twenty papers, including a large-scale efficacy trial of vaccination against Lyme disease in the US, papers on hepatitis B, rotavirus, acellular pertussis and varicella vaccines, and on the booster formulation of a tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis (dTPa) vaccine. He has also published several scientific papers related to tropical medicine and public health in Africa. Recently, he became more involved in general vaccination issues, including about reinforcing the confidence in vaccination.