Gabriele Costantino graduated in Chemistry in 1992. From 1994 to 2006 he was assistant professor and then associate professor of medicinal chemistry at University of Perugia, leading the molecular modeling unit of the research group of Prof. Pellicciari. In 2007, he was appointed as full professor of medicinal chemistry at University of Parma, where he is now Head of the Department of Food and Drug (90 faculty members and more than 2500 students).

Gabriele was awarded with the Farmindustria-Italian Chemical Society prize for the best young researcher in medicinal chemistry, in 2003, and with the XVI Friederich Merz Fellowship from the University  of Frankfurt in 2004.

Gabriele is currently President of the Division of Medicinal Chemistry of the Italian Chemical Society and he is scientific coordinator of the Marie Curie ETN project ‘INTEGRATE’, devoted to the identification of new targets for antibacterials.