Full time Professor: Department of Medical Pharmacology,

Chair: Cellular Stress Response & Signal Transduction Research Laboratory, Gazi University,

President: Turkish Society for Preventive, Regenerative & Anti-Aging Medicine (www.antiaging.org.tr),

Executive Board: European Society for Preventive, Regenerative & Anti-Aging Medicine (www.esaam.com)

Research Leader: “Antioxidants in Diabetes-Induced Complications Study (ADIC)” Group, (pubmed). 


Prof. Karasu received her Ph.D. degree from the University of Ankara, Faculty of Pharmacy, Turkey in 1992.  She was a postdoctoral researcher, the Queen Mary & Westfield College, Basic Medical Sciences, Department of Pharmacology 1993 and Visiting Senior Fellow, William Harvey Research Institute, London in1993-1994. Since the early 1990’s, under the name as “The Antioxidants in Diabetes-induced Complications (ADIC) Study Group” the research of Prof. Karasu’s laboratory was focused on the consequences of cellular stress response and the effects of  lipoxidation and glycoxidation intermediates and redox imbalance. The evaluations of the mechanisms of alterations in tissue and organ functions in animal models of accelerated aging and excessive glycoxidation associated diseases such as diabetes, insulin resistance and obesity are in the centre of her research interest. Prof. Karasu works on preventive and regenerative properties of various natural and synthetic antioxidants or trace elements, essential fatty acids, lipid and blood glucose lowering substances, insulin sensitizer compounds in oxidative stress-mediated and age-related metabolic abnormalities and diseases. Within the topics linked with endocrine-pharmacology, the interactions among pancreatic and adipose tissue hormones, incretins and neuropeptides in the regulation of energy metabolism have been clarified in her laboratory. She has registered EU patents by pyridoindole antioxidants and glycoxidation inhibitors as well as natural phytoconstituents. Another main research interest of Prof. Karasu is discovery of the effects of micronutrients on cellular aging signaling and redox pathways.  She is interesting in farmaconutrigenomic developments and advanced anti-aging biotechnologies and therapeutics. She was the independent expert consultant to the Ministry of Health of Turkey Drug Legislation Department. She is the author or co-author of more than 150 published journal articles or chapters on studies of cellular mechanisms of metabolic complications and aging, the effects of synthetic/natural antioxidant compounds/derivatives and drugs related with metabolic disorders. She completed or maintains many international research projects including EU-COST Actions on Lipid Peroxidation Associated Disorders (B-35), EU-ROS (BM-1203), CA16112 (Personalized Nutrition in aging society: redox control of major age-related diseases) frame work programs, SKINBAD Study, Why we Age Study, KORANET –Life Long-Health on the aging and age-related disease. Prof. Karasu has served as an editor, reviewer contributor or advisor to many international scientific journals. She is in the International Editorial Board of “Rejuvenation Research”, “Neuroendocrinology Letters”, “Turkish Medical Journal-Turkiye Klinikleri” and “Gazi Medical Journal”.  She has more than 1000 citations in Web of Sci. She founded a wide range project on human aging research as “LongAgeHealth (www.longagehealth.com)” and has AR-GE business on drug development and, nutraceutical, cosmeceutical formulations under the company, FARMASENS-Gazi-Technopark-Ankara. She is an independent consulter on integration of preventive, regenerative & anti-aging medicine to health tourism facilities as well as anti-aging advanced check-up tests.