Prof. Semra Şardaş is the head of the Drug Safety and Pharmacogenetic unit and  department of Toxicology, Marmara University, Faculty of Pharmacy in Istanbul, Turkey. She has received her PhD in 1982, Associate Professor Degree in 1986 and Professorship in 1993 in the field of Toxicology. Her international experience and collaborations include working as a visiting scientist on drug metabolism at the University of London, Saint Mary’s Hospital   and the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, School of Medicine, Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacogenetics Unit in UK in the field of Pharmacogenetics and DNA damage assays. Her international collaborative project and research studies were supported by the British Council and the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey. For many years she has been serving as a scientific consultant in numerous commissions of the Turkish Ministry of Health, Drugs and Medical Devices Association, which include the Ethical committee, Pharmacology and Technology commission. At present, she is the scientific chair of the Risk Assessment Pharmacovigilance division. She has recently established the Pharmacogenetics and Drug Safety Unit at the Marmara University, Faculty of Pharmacy. She is among the founders of Turkish Society of Toxicology and Pharmacovigilance Society of Turkey and is currently the vice president of the society . She realized many national and International congresses the latest of which was in collaboration with ISOP in Istanbul-Turkey. She is the fellow of Collegium Ramazzini , an Independent, International Academy and in 2009 has been awarded in Italy and in 2015 by the Union of Turkish Pharmacist   for her studies attributed to drug safety, occupational and environmental health problems. Her applied research has mainly focused on Drug Metabolism,Pharmacogenetics,Clinical Drug Research, Adverse Drug Reactions and Genotoxicity.  Prof. Şardaş has been approved as European Registered Toxicologists in 2012.