Professor Dr Selim BADUR  joined GlaxoSmithKline Vaccines as Global Director, Scientific Affairs & Public Health, in 2015, with responsibility for high level scientific exchange with external experts and health authorities worldwide about Influenza and other viral  vaccine, specially on countries from emerging economies. He joined GSK from the University of Istanbul-Faculty of Medicine where he was the director of Virology Department and Coordinator of the National Referance Laboratory of Influenza-WHO.

Dr Badur obtained his PhD in Microbiology from the University of Istanbul and became a research fellow of the Pasteur Institute, Paris, between 1982-1984 and senior research specialist in the same Institute during 1993-1995.  He was a visiting Professor in Faculty of Medecine – Paris Sud Hospital Kremlin Bicêtre, Department of Microbiology, Paris-France, during 1996-1998.

Dr Badur was a member of French Academy of Science,  advisory member of Viral Hepatitis Prevention Board, member of Global Hepatitis Network-WHO and European Scientists Working on Influenza Group (ESWI). He was also a member of Vaccine Advisory Board, Pandemic Flu Emergency Response Program, and STD Advisory Board, Ministry of Health (MoH), Turkey.

He has co-author of more than 118 articles in international scientific journals, over 350 articles in local journals and 400 articles in conference books; he gives more than hundreds talks and presentations at international and local conferences and meetings with particular focus on vaccines, viral hepatitis, influenza and HPV in developing country settings.